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Effortless Video-making

The Beginning

10 Seconds. In the world of online business, that’s all you got to captivate viewers’ eyes and turn them into potential customers. Just like that, ‘Video’ has become a crucial part of doing business.

However, creating short-form video production, especially video ads, has largely been in the realm of design experts. It was so expensive that only those with enough budget had an access to having quality video ads.

Our CEO Paul, a former leading TVCF producer in South Korea, witnessed this firsthand and wanted to revolutionize the scene.

The Start of VideoMonster was powered by Paul’s vision in democratizing the world of short-form videomaking.

Our Vision Forward

Moving forward, we are developing a collection of services and tools to build a new ecosystem for EFFORTLESS and AFFORDABLE videomaking. Most important, we work to empower businesses and individual creators to boost their brands in various ways.

Starting from the DIY solution for creating studio-quality video ads, we offer services to nudge ‘engagement’ with consumers by providing easy and interactive videomaking solutions.

Afterall, VideoMonster envisions a world without the barrier to videomaking.